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Comcast Cable is the sole provider of the Internet Essentials high-speed internet service designed specifically for low income Americans who have a child who participates in the National School Lunch program, developed by Comcast. For information on this cheap internet plan for only $9.95 a month, please go to our Internet Essentials page. For contact information on Comcast or Internet Essentials, see the end of the page.

About Comcast Cable

You may think of Comcast as the nation’s largest cable TV provider, but this huge company is far more than that. Comcast Corporation rightfully calls itself “one of the world’s leading media, entertainment and communications companies.”

The company owns Comcast Cable, one of the nation’s largest video, high-speed Internet and phone companies. It owns a majority interest in NBC Universal, which in turn owns and operates a number of news and entertainment cable networks (including E! Entertainment Television, Style Network, G4, The Golf Channel and the NBC Sports Network), broadcast networks (including NBC and Telemundo), numerous local television stations across the United States, television production facilities, Universal Studios, and the Universal Orlando theme park.

Ahhh, but we’re just getting started.

Comcast is the largest cable operator, home internet service provider, and fourth largest home telephone company in the United States. It offers cable television, broadband internet, and telephone service in 39 states and the District of Columbia. As of late 2010, Comcast’s customer base includes 22.9 million cable customers, 16.7 million broadband internet customers, and 8.4 million voice customers. The states we show as having Comcast Cable available are: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia (DC).

In other words, we’re talking big. Huge. One might even say humongus.

Comcast was founded in 1963 and was originally known as American Cable Systems. In 1969, it changed its name to Comcast, a combination of the words “Communication” and “Broadcast”.

Comcast has grown rapidly through a series of mergers and acquisitions.

In 1996, Comcast began offering broadband internet service when it acquired Sarasota Online, one of the largest Internet providers in the south. The company now has more than 14 million internet subscribers.

In 1999 it acquired Greater Philadelphia Cablevision and announced a $60 billion merger with MediaOne.

Contact Information

Phone: 855-846-8376

Internet Essentials:
Phone: 855-846-8376

In late 2009, Comcast announced a mind-bogglingly complex deal with GE in which it gained control of NBC Universal for $6.5 billion. Following the details of this convoluted series of transactions isn’t easy, but here are the basics: After GE cashes that $6.5 billion check, Comcast will own 51% of NBC Universal and GE will own the remaining 49%. Then Comcast was required to contribute another $7.5 billion to cover the costs of programming for regional sports networks and cable channels such as Golf Channel and E! Entertainment Television. GE then took $5.8 billion of that payment to purchase Vivendi’s 20% interest in NBC Universal. When the dust clears, Comcast has the right to purchase GE’s remaining stake in the company.

Some consumer advocates do not believe that bigger is necessarily better. That explains why Comcast won the Consumerist 2010 Worst Company In America award based on votes of dissatisfied customers. To the company’s credit, it publicly acknowledged the award and announced its commitment to improving customer service.


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  1. christy Logan says


  2. Philip McDONALD says

    I would like to know if I am eligible for inexpensive internet for low income Americans. I am 73 years old and receive a total of $784.25 a month for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income. I now have basic cable and economy plus and internet services. I can no longer afford all three services and I am about to drop expanded basic to lower my bill. Thank you for considering me.

  3. Dalia says

    I know that I qualify for the $ 9.95 a month internet which is comcast. i am on section 8 housing, im on General Relife Disability so just let me say that my monthly income is only $ 445.00 dollars a month and $ 200.00 of it is food stamps.By the time i pay my utilities and get my necceties for the month it leaves me broke again. Anyways I called internet essentials first of all the associate that I got on the phone was very rude and short with me. I just got internet cable in may so she said that if i have had service for 30 days that i do not qualify for the $ 9.95 internet that essentials has to offer. I explained to the lady that had I known about this program I would have gone through the internet essentials to begin with and of course the associates that you talk to when you call comcast dont tell you about their 9.95 a month internet essentials for low income people like me and thats not fair. I had no idea about this program the only reason I found out about it is due to me applying for a goverment cell phone. Thats how i found out about the cheap internet. So my conclusion to this is that i more than qualify for this program and i dont feel its fair to me that just cause i got the internet i havent even got my first bill yet its just not fair. I feel that they should grant me permission to be able to get internet at the $ 9.95 a month deal. Dissapointed in the way they work their plan. Please comment and let me know how you feel about my situation ? Sincerly Dalia.

  4. Danielle Harding says

    I would like to find out more about your lower internet program and how to get a low cost computer. I do have a 7 year old son who is on the free lunch program here in Gilbert, AZ., and I get med. Asst., and Food stamps. Please email me back telling me how I apply and get a computer and internet service for cheap. I only work between 0-15 hours a week, at the school my son goes to, depends on when they have school break, as we don’t get paid for holidays, or breaks.

  5. yvonne M. Brown says

    I would like lower interet program, I’am in fs program.ssd, do I qualify for any of these programs. please reply as sooon as possible.

  6. Patricia Jones says

    I like To fine out HOW to Get help with hight speed -Internet for $9.95. I have been looking for it all over the Internet, I need your help.Iam on SSDI. Thank You.

  7. Erlinda Laurente says

    I really need low cost internet as my special tool in finding a job also help my childrwith their school homeworks. I am hoping for your kind consideration.

    • says

      Comcast, Cox and Time Warner are evil. We had Cox for a while, and it took me nearly a week to get an aetpinompnt that someone actually showed up for. Luckily, that was when I worked for an awesome company that would allow me to take the day off to deal with things like that . They didn’t care that the cable guy was several hours late. (9PM) I just got the day off. Now my boss is loud, obnoxious and often stinky. (The cash is minimal too.) He gets me up at 6:45 AM. Even after the time change. Oh well. At least I get kisses and hugs and don’t have to leave the house or get dressed to keep my job.Mary’s last blog post..