It’s getting easier to find free internet access

The name of this website may be, but if cheap is still too expensive for you, you can now get internet service almost anywhere without spending a penny. The only catch? You need to provide your own laptop or tablet computer, which can be had for just a few hundred dollars these days.

Countless well-known retail locations and government facilities now open their WiFi networks to the public absolutely free. If you’re looking to get on the internet but can’t afford to pay for access, there are lots of ways to do it.

Consider, if you will, this admittedly incomplete list of possibilities:

Public libraries – There are more than 120,000 libraries in the United States and although not all of them offer unrestricted physical access nor internet access, many of them do. Even better, they usually offer their patrons free access to PCs.

McDonalds – The burger giant has nearly 13,000 locations across the nation and virtually all of them offer free, high speed internet access.

Starbucks – The coffee king now has nearly 13,000 locations in the United States and they all offer free internet access. Just pull up a chair, fire up your laptop, check the box that says you’ll abide by the rules and sign on the internet. You’re not even required to buy a cup of coffee if you don’t want to.

Other coffee shops – In addition to the omnipresent Starbucks, there are nearly 10,000 other coffee shops in the United States. We can’t guarantee that they all offer free internet access, but a high percentage of them do.

FedEx Store – The shipping giant now has more than 1800 locations across the United States and they all have free wireless internet access.

Barnes & Noble bookstores – The nation’s largest book retailer has nearly 700 locations. Many of them offer free wireless access. (Note: Starbucks has opened locations in a number of B&N stores.)

Apple retail stores – The rapidly growing retailer now has 250 stores across the United States. Those that are located in shopping malls usually have convenient benches outside their front doors where the public can sit down, relax and access their high speed wireless network.

City and municipal networks – According to Wikipedia, municipal wireless networks are turning entire cities into Wireless Access Zones. A growing number of large cities such as San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Houston, Honolulu, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and dozens of smaller municipalities have already deployed their systems. As a result, you will be able to get free internet access anywhere in those cities’ downtown cores (and sometimes far beyond).

As you can see free high-speed internet access is spreading rapidly. Very rapidly. With a little work and a little flexibility on your part, free internet service may allow you to accomplish everything you want to do on the internet.

We applaud this rapidly growing trend to offer free WiFi access to the masses. And we look forward to the day when we can change our name from to


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  1. Elma says

    Are those places reeeeeeally free? If I go with my MacBook Pro, can I turn it on and actually get the internet? I have dial-up and I need a phone to connect to the internet. And everything is super slow. :( I cannot watch uTube or listen to music because of dial-up.

    Can someone please let me know if these places are really free? I don’t want to be all excited and pack my Mac and go to one of these places and find out that I CAN’T get fast internet. I take the bus, so, that would be disappointing to go all that way for nothing.

  2. Rhonda says

    Your a very smart and wise person about asking your neighbors if they ate willing to share in their wifi services. Bingo you came up with a great solution with your internet solution. BRAVO…

  3. DarcyJane says

    One extremely valid idea is to ask your neighbors if there’s any chance they might share their WIFI with you! Whether for trade or barter or offer to chip in on their bill, this is an arrangement that I have made in two different neighborhoods, and both times my neighbor shared their WIFI password with me & have been able to connect to their network. Both times I offered to do odd jobs or be of service should they need a favor, although no favors have ever been requested. (I do, however, always remind them of their favor if ever needed, & Always Thank them again whenever we see one another). Perhaps this only works for a Happy & Friendly-Natured person, of which I am! But I do believe Most Folks are willing to be helpful if they understand your situation & my situation is that I simply cannot afford Cable TV or Internet! BTW: I suppose Desperation makes one bold, too!!! : ))