Cheap Internet FAQ & Resources

Here are some further pages that might help you in quest for high-speed broadband internet at affordable prices. If you are looking for help in understanding the programs, go here for a one-page overview.


Internet Basics vs Internet Essentials – what’s the difference? These are the two main low-income broadband programs. What’s the difference? Who is each one designed for?

How to Apply to Internet Essentials? If you go to the Comcast Internet plans page, you won’t see anything about the $9.95 Internet Essentials plan. Learn where and how to apply.

How fast is Comcast’s Internet Essentials internet access plan? Some detractors say that Internet Essentials, the internet access plan that helps low-income families with students, is not fast enough. We say hogwash. For the $9.95 price tag, it is plenty fast enough for it’s intended purpose.

How can I switch from a regular Comcast plan to Internet Essentials? A Comcast Internet customer can switch from a regular plan to the low-priced Internet Essentials plan. But there is a very big catch.

How long can I keep Internet Essentials? People how get Internet Essentials have a great thing going. Here are some important tips to make sure Comcast doesn’t cancel a subscriber’s plan.

What’s faster? DSL or cable internet? Internet Service Providers are generally going to offer either cable internet or DSL. Which technology is faster?

How fast Is my internet? In order to know whether or not you’re getting the most out of your Internet connection, you should occasionally test your connection speed.

What about satellite internet if I am out in the boonies? If you live in an areas that is not served by DSL or cable internet, you most likely can get a satellite internet access connection.

How do I set up an IPhone Personal Hotspot for WiFi? If you are already paying for mobile Internet on your iPhone, why not share it with your computer and other devices like tablets?

How do I set up an Android Portable Hotspot for WiFi? If you are already paying for mobile Internet on your Android, why not share it with your computer and other devices like tablets?

Can I save money sharing my Wi-Fi? If you can’t afford an internet connection, you can save money on the monthly rate by sharing it with roommates or neighbors.

Broadband Resources

National Broadband Plan: The National Broadband Plan lays out a bold roadmap designed to bring affordable broadband service to the masses.

National Broadband Map: The National Broadband Map is created and maintained by the NTIA, in collaboration with the FCC, and in partnership with 50 states, five territories and the District of Columbia. It is a simple, searchable, interactive tool that lets you explore broadband availability across the United States and, more importantly, right in your own neighborhood.