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FreedomPop is making waves in the Internet and Mobile industry, with their offers of “Freemium” service, which means that they offer free plans with upgrades available to premium plans. They don’t work well for very high usage, but are great, cost-effective plans for light to average users of the internet.

The best plans from FreedomPop, in our opinion, are the FreedomPop Burst Home Internet plans — they are far less expensive than the ones we will highlight on this page. Make sure you look at those plans first if what you want is internet in your home. The plans on this page might appeal to people with special mobile requirements.

FreedomPop Mobile offers several plans on three mobile devices. The devices are a USB stick you can pop into a mobile computer, a mobile hotspot you can take with you and an unique, but highly specialized ipod device. But first let’s get to the plans.

FreedomPop Mobile Plans

With all the plans below, you will get either 4G or 3G mobile speeds, depending upon what is being served in the area you are in. There is no long term contract and you can change plans whenever you want.

Basic (free): With the purchase of any device, you can have up to 500 MB (one-half a gigabyte) of data usage per month. No strings if you don’t go over your allowance. Other than purchasing the device, it’s completely free.

Casual: Get 2 GB of data usage per month. It’s not alot, but it will serve you needs if you are a light web user and don’t watch too many videos. $17.99

Premiere: This plan gives you 4 GB of data per month. That’s still not a lot, but it’s better than 2 GB. $28.99.

If you go over the allowance for any plan, the extra usage is charged at $0.02 a MB for the Basic plan and $0.01 a MB for the Casual and Premium plans. You can keep tabs on your data usage in your account section of No need to purchase the add-on data usage email alert for $1.99 a month, if you remember to check.

FreedomPop Mobile Devices

freedompop mobile devicesYou’ve got your choice of three devices, which work with any plan above.

Bolt Freedom Stick: This is a USB stick you place in your PC or Mac laptop and with it you will have 4G wireless internet. $39.

FreedomSpot Photon: This is a 4G hotspot you can take with you or use at home. Similar to the FreedomPop Burst for the home, but mobile. A “hotspot” is a small portable device about the size of a pack of cards. $49.

Freedom Sleeve Rocket: A specialty product that turns iPod Touch 4 into an iPhone. Have 4G data wherever you go. Interesting concept. $99.

FreedomPop Home Internet or FreedomPop Mobile Internet?

Contact Information

FreedomPop Mobile Internet:


As we said at the top of this page, these mobile plans are significantly more expensive than the FreedomPop home internet plans. If you are going to use the internet at home go directly to the FreedomPop Home Internet page and save yourself a bunch of money.

But if you must be mobile, then consider the plans on this page. If you need mobile only for infrequent occasions, the Basic (free) plan could work out well for you.

We should also point out that competitor NetZero also has a set of mobile plans called 4G Mobile Broadband that you might want to compare.

FreedomPop Coverage Map

freedompop coverage map




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