How to Get Free Internet Service’s primary mission is to highlight the government programs that offer inexpensive low income internet access programs to struggling Americans. Yet, we have also come across some programs that offer free internet service that we’d like to tell you how to get free internet service at home. Some of the national companies listed here are also found on our low-cost internet programs page, and that’s because they also offer increased data usage plans for a monthly charge. And some of the regional program are also found on our low-income internet page, because they are based upon financial status. But, what’s true about all the plans on the page is that they really do offer absolutely free internet, high-speed internet service.

We are not going to list any internet services that provide dialup service. In today’s world no one can doing any web surfing with that, and it’s a waste of time to list any.

National Options

These programs follow the freemium business model. While they have low-cost internet plans, they offer a basic, free plan as well. Of course they hope to move you up to paid plans, and sell you extras, but you don’t need to do either and still enjoy no-cost, high speed internet.

FreedomPop Home Internet

Fast 1.5 Mbps no-cost internet service is yours at absolutely no charge each month, as long as you don’t go over a the 1 GB per month data usage allowance. You should be good with this limit if you are checking email and doing light web surfing. You’ll need FreedomPop Hub for about $89, but this is a one-time cost. [info]

FreedomPop Mobile Internet

With the purchase of a cheap USB stick or hotspot device, the company will give you 500 MB of data usage per month, every month, month after month. No strings if you don’t go over your allowance. Other than purchasing the device, it’s completely free. [info]

NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband

NetZero’s free plan gives you an allowance of 200 MB of data usage per month. That’s not much, just enough to get online a few times a month. But it is free (other than the one-time cost of either a USB Stick or wireless hub). [info]

Regional Options

These are full use, high-speed internet plans, for which you qualify by your financial need. They are regional, just in small areas, but it’s possible they might be in your area.


School2Home wants to give computers and internet service — at not charge — to hundreds of low-performing middle schools and almost a half million students in California. For now, it’s just a pilot program that began in Los Angeles and Riverside county school districts and but has already expanded up north to the Oakland Unified School District. It’s not a government program, but is funded by a coalition of private companies. [info]

Knology Lifeline Internet

Knology is a special internet service provider because they offer — actually, have been offering for years — absolutely free broadband internet to some residents in Kansas. They receive no reimbursement from the government that we know of, funded solely by the goodness of the company’s heart. Eligibility is similar to the low income internet programs from the government. [info]


Metconnect is a completely free dialup internet service provider that serves parts of New York City. According to their site, they do not plaster your page with advertising banners, have no privacy invading tracking software and no time limits. [info]

We are always looking for more free programs to tell you about. If you know of any that should be added to this page, please contact us.




    I recommend this program because I am of low income and I know how hard it is to
    search for employment without a computer and internet access. People with home computers can not only have the first look at jobs up for grabs, but can maybe also find some ligitimate work at home jobs as well.

  2. Shannon says

    I believe the Google Tisp is not real. I’m pretty sure it was made up as an elaborate April Fool’s joke. Sorry. :-(

    • nomail says

      I have the Google TISP at my house. I’m on a septic system, so I had o pay to get connected to the city sewer first. But after the 20k for adding the pipe, I now get free internet! works great, but I wouldnt recommend it for gaming.

  3. Jimmy says

    i had got a laptop awhile back & i want to get that free broadband card so i can get free internet minutes for it i am borrowing a cellphone that has internet on it. So how do i get the free internet? For life?

  4. Lisa says

    This has got to be BS. Internet while you’re on the Porcelain Throne? What a wonderful dream but it seems it would be hard to keep yourself in the bathroom all the time! LOLOL

  5. nick doph says

    I am starting school here soon and i was wondering how this works. my wife is unable to work full time and we also have a nine old daughter. so it is really hard to afford a computer and internet. if there any way that u can help us that would be great.
    thank you

  6. Richard says

    I’ve read all this stuff but I still don’t see where you apply.I’m out of work spending what little money I have paying for a worthless ISP, while trying to find the next job. At this point internet on for a few more days.

    • Sandra says

      See they did already help you. They wrote this article and the words in blue are where you click (it’s called a link) to go to the website where you can apply for the services they have written about. So point your mouse at the blue words in the article and left click and you’ll be on your way. Good Luck.

  7. hanaa says

    can you kindly let me know how can get free internet i live in Wisconsin and what are the requirements for that waiting

  8. john q customer says

    This comment may be a bit off topic but I couldn’t help but say something about my visit to this internet resource site. I just read through a good portion of the google TISP website. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I have to say that it’s one of the best April Fool’s jokes I’ve ever seen, a joke so worthy of my great praise and admiration I felt obliged to aknowledge it here in the comment section. Some of the tongue-in-cheek humor was just priceless. On one hand the prank was perfect, beautifully crafted, subtle as an April 1 joke should be, while never ceasing its constant flow of…ahem, brown porcelain. On the other hand I wonder how many people visited the site and got frustrated or confused when they were unable to sign up for a program that could potentially save them 75% or more of their internet bill. I’m guessing more than a few folks didn’t read carefully or pay attention to the signs and never caught the malodorous odor coming from the website. My vote goes for the prank and I tip my hat in deference to the author who wrote it.

    • morticiously accepted says

      AsDOIHave 2 Agree with You MR.Q there is no shyte like the real shyte (even) when it comes to free goment shyte like such as thyse. your humor is blushing for me 2 schey.

  9. Rocky Roberts says

    For Kansas like Pratt KS 67124 does or have anything for low-income persons also Dish or Directtv

  10. laura says

    I need to know what is the first step to applying for
    Free or help with internet service. ? . Could you please answer.

    • Sandra says

      I wonder if you will come back here for the answer. I hope so.
      The first step is: place the arrow which shows where your mouse is, over the blue words and click. Of you go to another website where you can find out more and apply. This is an information only website. They are putting out the word about free and low cost cell phones and Internet service. They are doing a great job, too. But a lot of people who seldom or never use Internet, don’t know that the blue words show where there are links to more information. Best of luck.

  11. bonnie says

    my hubby is handicapped and im a very ill woman im about to retire and our income is already limited. how can i get free internet!

  12. Lora says

    Hi i wanted to get more info on the low income internet. I have a 5 children & myself my income is $900 a month im on cash aid & food stamps @ the moment due to me being medicaly disabled at the moment. I would really appreciate it if you would give me more info on how to apply for this program thank you.

    • NORA MAYFIELD says


  13. RST says

    Go to, the only cost is the initial equipment purchase, it is free after that for 1GB of home. The network they use is reliable.

  14. says

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  15. Eve says

    Hello people all this sounds great,but I am a 50 yr. single mom with no children in school so alot of these programs I don’t qualify for, however the cheap ones say $9.95, but there is always a catch….someone help

  16. says

    It’s important to put your site address in your titles along one edge of your screen. You will not say that about to catch a techie and programming simply passes over your head, no actual more. At this site visitors feature credit card in hand.

  17. JP says is an option for a homehub wireless router…$79.88 one time, which includes equipment, First Month service, and shipping. No Contract, No Credit Check and NO Contract. Unlimited for $20.00 bucks a month —($9.98 plus modem lease, e911,taxes about $20.00. Not in all areas but it is High Speed and may be an option where you live. You will not be required to have a phone line in Verizon areas. Good luck!

    • Cheap Internet Administrator says

      Thanks JP. I took a like at it. Not enough info there to go on, but I’ll see what the company sends me after my inquiry.

      Do you use it?

  18. julia says

    hi i need help im on a fixed income ssi i dont git childsupoort for my child his father daed beat and my kid has try hard to be in school but he didnt pass so im trying home school because the are willing to help with him and totor him but i have to have the internet first i cant afored it and when he was school he was being hit push and bulled and he want to hurt him self so i got him a program for help but i think he do better if he home schooled but i need help so please can anyone help

    • Nana K says

      I, too, have looked into homeschooling. The provider usually gives you (or at least the ones I talked to) provide the internet service and the computer. Start making some phone calls to home school providers in your area and see what their protocol is.

  19. Rick V. says

    So far all these programs are all smoke and mirrors one 200 mg is nothing and if you go over thell stick it to you good and none of them offer unlimited they all charge for the equipment you can get better deals in ca with ATT & comcast

  20. Susan says

    hello I live in Maryland and I was wondering if I could get cheap internet service there, and you I should go through… is there a number I can call or a website?? Ty!

  21. says

    I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your website.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for
    me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your
    theme? Fantastic work!

  22. J L Higgins says

    I am on a small fixed income from soc sec. I would like to know how can get free internet. I am also on food stamps and assistance for medical problems. Any help would be appreciated.
    J L Higgins

  23. WAYNE says

    I belong to the california lifeline system and would like information on low cost or free internet service, can you give me information and phone number to find this information?

  24. Alma says

    I live outside if the coverage areas for both Internet providers mentioned. The only provider in my area at this time is Wild blue satellite costing $60 a month. I am currently attending school full time and only able to work part time.i can not afford $60 anymore. Is there any other providers or type of assistance?

  25. Edwin says

    Everyone that posts here and is looking to get something for free, just remember that, they’rs nothing for free and if it is free then you get what you pay for, if someone is offering you something for free but first requires out of pocket expenses to a low income person is only trying to make a buck off poor people and that’s appalling and shameful, be patient and diligent in your searches , don’t give up front money.


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