How to Get Free Internet Service — High-speed DSL, Cable & Mobile’s primary mission is to highlight the government programs that offer inexpensive low income internet access programs to struggling Americans. Yet, we have also come across some programs that offer free internet service that we’d like to tell you how to get free internet service at home. Some of the national companies listed here are also found on our low-cost internet programs page, and that’s because they also offer increased data usage plans for a monthly charge. And some of the regional program are also found on our low-income internet page, because they are based upon financial status. But, what’s true about all the plans on the page is that they really do offer absolutely free internet, high-speed internet service.

We are not going to list any internet services that provide dialup service. In today’s world no one can doing any web surfing with that, and it’s a waste of time to list any.

National Options

These programs follow the freemium business model. While they have low-cost internet plans, they offer a basic, free plan as well. Of course they hope to move you up to paid plans, and sell you extras, but you don’t need to do either and still enjoy no-cost, high speed internet.

FreedomPop Home Internet

Fast 1.5 Mbps no-cost internet service is yours at absolutely no charge each month, as long as you don’t go over a the 1 GB per month data usage allowance. You should be good with this limit if you are checking email and doing light web surfing. You’ll need FreedomPop Hub for about $89, but this is a one-time cost. [info]

FreedomPop Mobile Internet

With the purchase of a cheap USB stick or hotspot device, the company will give you 500 MB of data usage per month, every month, month after month. No strings if you don’t go over your allowance. Other than purchasing the device, it’s completely free. [info]

NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband

NetZero’s free plan gives you an allowance of 200 MB of data usage per month. That’s not much, just enough to get online a few times a month. But it is free (other than the one-time cost of either a USB Stick or wireless hub). [info]

Regional Options

These are full use, high-speed internet plans, for which you qualify by your financial need. They are regional, just in small areas, but it’s possible they might be in your area.


School2Home wants to give computers and internet service — at not charge — to hundreds of low-performing middle schools and almost a half million students in California. For now, it’s just a pilot program that began in Los Angeles and Riverside county school districts and but has already expanded up north to the Oakland Unified School District. It’s not a government program, but is funded by a coalition of private companies. [info]

Knology Lifeline Internet

Knology is a special internet service provider because they offer — actually, have been offering for years — absolutely free broadband internet to some residents in Kansas. They receive no reimbursement from the government that we know of, funded solely by the goodness of the company’s heart. Eligibility is similar to the low income internet programs from the government. [info]


Metconnect is a completely free dialup internet service provider that serves parts of New York City. According to their site, they do not plaster your page with advertising banners, have no privacy invading tracking software and no time limits. [info]

We are always looking for more free programs to tell you about. If you know of any that should be added to this page, please contact us.


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  1. Linda warner says

    Would love information on cheap or free internet. I live on SSi an get Medicaid. I live with someone but don’t share income. Can I qualify for anything. I have Internet with centurylink now but I need to cut back my expenses. I use the Internet to keep in contact with my kids an play games, an look up stuff. Sure would love it if I could save money.

  2. Jay says

    Hi, I looked at MetConnect, which is free dialup for people in the New York City metro area. I’m in Maine, so I figured it wouldn’t be available to me. Anyway, as I was investigating this, I clicked on a “register” button and the system “registered” me automatically. I have a list of dialup numbers to access the internet via their system but didn’t “dial” any numbers. I am already online using another ISP anyway. The funny thing is that I have telephone only via ISP (I am using Vonage telephone). So, if I cancel my ISP to use the dialup only, would I be able to use dialup only for my ISP? Or because Vonage requires high speed internet service (I think), would I not be able to access the free Internet using dialup? Sort of a dyslexic question. But to me, it’s a bit confusing. Most likely it is undoable, but it would be funny if it was doable somehow.

  3. john cowan says

    Hi (my e-mail is not connected a present.) I am on soc. sec . and ssi ($5.10) for a total of $640per month and I sent $29 to freedom pop for their internet kit. I did not realiaze that they were only going to allow me on the intenet a short while per month, and if I stayed on the internet too long I ws going to owe them about $100 per monath.. It cost me $11 to ship the ;kit back to them and I nave not received a refund or a notice that they recieved it. I could not l get it to work a visitor to my home plugged it in to his computor and It worked but I call these deceptive plans ” bait and switch” Help I am 82 years old and a computer DUD. I had A $14.95 a t & t plan but the store said call and they wil extend it to a second year. They lied . I called but it was not bumped lup to about $34.00 so I am without internet… help. john cowan( Is Comcast low income good?)

  4. fran says

    Low Income Cell Program
    1000 Free Text/250 Free Minutes Every Month!
    Prove it. this is a relay to Safelink. So far it does
    not pan out.

  5. Edwin says

    Everyone that posts here and is looking to get something for free, just remember that, they’rs nothing for free and if it is free then you get what you pay for, if someone is offering you something for free but first requires out of pocket expenses to a low income person is only trying to make a buck off poor people and that’s appalling and shameful, be patient and diligent in your searches , don’t give up front money.

  6. Alma says

    I live outside if the coverage areas for both Internet providers mentioned. The only provider in my area at this time is Wild blue satellite costing $60 a month. I am currently attending school full time and only able to work part time.i can not afford $60 anymore. Is there any other providers or type of assistance?

  7. WAYNE says

    I belong to the california lifeline system and would like information on low cost or free internet service, can you give me information and phone number to find this information?

  8. J L Higgins says

    I am on a small fixed income from soc sec. I would like to know how can get free internet. I am also on food stamps and assistance for medical problems. Any help would be appreciated.
    J L Higgins

  9. says

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