Connect2Compete Internet Program
for Low Income Americans


Connect2compete (often written incorrectly as Connect to Compete) is one of those rare organizations formed by a combination of private companies and non-profit organizations.

Its goal is easier said than done: To bring high speed internet and digital literacy to low income communities across the United States in order to improve lives in those communities. They do this by connecting either a) low-income families who have a child in school, or b) anyone living in any of the over 14,000 zip codes where the annual median income is under $35,000, with internet companies willing to give them a special deal.

The program has made a lot of news, getting much attention and many of America’s best known cable companies and assortment of other internet companies have partnered up with the program.

Connect2Compete helps you find low cost monthly broadband internet access. Plus a low cost computer for your home. And very low-cost computer training classes. That’s a combination that lower income, struggling Americans can really use these days.

An internet connection will make it easier for you to apply for better jobs and also make it easier for your kids to excel in school. And that, in a nutshell, is the whole idea behind Connect2Compete.

Let’s take a look at what Connect2Compete has to offer:

Cheap internet access

Connect2Compete is great news for low-income families and individuals who desperately need less expensive, more cheap internet. Not slow dial-up, but high-speed internet access at unbeatable prices. Check out all you get:

  • Internet service for only under $14.95/month or less; most under $10 and some free
  • Program lasts for two years (and you can apply any time in the next three years)
  • Minimum of 1 Mbps minimum speed (If you’re not fluent in tech jargon, let’s just say that 1 Mbps means fast – so fast that pages pop up on your screen almost immediately.)

Cheap PCs, too

If you think cheap internet service is a great deal, wait until you see what else this program offers. One of the following will be available to you:

Refurbished Redemtech computers from just $150

The price is so low you may be shocked, but we guarantee you’ll be even more shocked to learn that these computers also come loaded with the kind of software you and your kids will need most. Specifically, here’s what you get:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office
  • 90-day tech support
  • Pre-loaded educational and career content
  • Free shipping

$250 PCs from Microsoft

Microsoft, one of the biggest names in the high tech world, is also a partner in Connect2Compete. It’s offering personal computers for just $250. Here’s what it includes:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office

One more benefit: Cheap computer classes

Retailing giant Best Buy is part of the Connect2Compete program, too. And its contribution to the effort may just be the most important part of the whole package.

Simple fact is, a personal computer and internet access won’t help you very much if you don’t know how to use a computer. It’s like having someone give you a car, but no driving lessons.

So the Best Buy Geek Squad’s contribution is to offer basic digital literacy training sessions in 20 major cities around the country. But they don’t stop there. The Geek Squad will work with work with community non-profits to train them how to train additional people.

Finally, industry leader Microsoft has agreed to build an online digital literacy training center for people who live in smaller cities that aren’t large enough for in-person digital literacy classes. And that’s just the beginning. Microsoft will also offer valuable Microsoft Certification training sessions in 15 states. These certifications, normally quite expensive, can help you land a job or improve your career.

What else? Plenty.

Qualified participants will also get free access to Discovery Education’s “premier educational content.”

And will offer online prep and certification classes for just $1 per course. And, of course, additional jobs and education content will be offered on an ongoing basis. In other words, the program starts with more than you could have hoped for and grows rapidly from there.

Connect2Compete Eligibility: Do you qualify?

The bad news on a national level is that millions of Americans, maybe even tens of millions of Americans are eligible for this program because of our devastated economy.

But the good news – on a personal level – is that you may well qualify for Connect2Compete.

There are two ways you can qualify for this inexpensive internet access.

  1. your household must (a) have at least one student enrolled in the Free School Lunch Program; (b) not be a current subscriber to broadband (or have subscribed in the last 90 days); and (c) not have an overdue bill or unreturned equipment to the participating service provider.
  2. Reside in any of over 14,000 zip codes that have a median household income level of $35,000 or less.

Which eligibility rule is applied depends upon which internet service plan you are trying to get. But in a nutshell, the three wireless internet companies — FreedomPop, Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen — are all based upon the zip code, and the rest are based upon the School Lunch program criteria.

The companies that participate to provide broadband access are Bright House, Cablevision, Comcast (Internet Essentials), Cox Communications, Mediacom, Midcontinent, Mobile Citizen, Mobile Beacon, and VTX 1 and Wilco.

Connect2Compete Internet Service Providers
Provider Detail Eligibility
  • 1GB Data: FREE
  • Equipment Fee: $49 + shipping
  • No Set Up Fee
  • Overage at $0.01 per MB.
  • Live in a pre-qualified FreedomPop zip code
FreedomPop Option2
  • 10GB Data: $10/month
  • Equipment Fee: $49 + shipping
  • No Set Up Fee
  • Overage at $0.007 per MB.
  • Live in a pre-qualified FreedomPop zip code
Mobile Beacon
  • Unlimited Data: $10/month
  • Equipment Fee: $73 + shipping
  • Live in a pre-qualified MobileBeacon zip code
Mobile Citizen
  • Unlimited Data: $10/month
  • Equipment Fee: $73 + shipping
  • Live in a pre-qualified Mobile Citizen zip code
Comcast (Internet Essentials)
  • Unlimited Data: $9.95/month
  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Equipment Fee
  • No Price Increases
  • Live in Comcast Internet coverage area
  • Child eligible to receive free or reduced school lunch through the National School Lunch Program
  • No Comcast Internet subscription in past 90 days
  • No overdue payments to Comcast
  • No unreturned Comcast equipment
  • Additional Restrictions May Apply
  • Unlimited Data: $14.95/month
  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Equipment Fee
  • No Price Increases
  • Live in VTX Internet coverage area
  • Child eligible to receive free or reduced school lunch through the National School Lunch Program
  • No VTX Internet subscription in past 90 days
  • No overdue payments to VTX
  • No unreturned VTX equipment
  • 100GB Data: $9.95/month
  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Equipment Fee
  • Live in Cox Internet coverage area
  • Child eligible to receive free school lunch through the National School Lunch Program
  • No Cox Internet subscription in past 90 days
  • No overdue payments to Cox
  • No unreturned Cox equipment
  • Additional Restrictions May Apply
  • Unlimited Data: $14.95/month
  • Set Up Fee: $14.95 One Time
  • No Equipment Fee
  • Only for Philadelphia Residents
Bright House Internet
  • Unlimited Data: $9.95/month
  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Equipment Fee
  • Live in Bright House Networks Internet coverage area
  • Child eligible to receive free school lunch and is attending a Connect2Compete Partner School
  • No Bright House Networks subscription in past 90 days
  • No overdue payments to Bright House Networks
  • No unreturned Bright House Networks equipment
  • Additional Restrictions May Apply
  • 150GB Data: $9.95/month
  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Equipment Fee
  • Live in Mediacom coverage area
  • Child eligible to receive free school lunch and is attending a Connect2Compete Partner School
  • No Mediacom subscription in past 90 days
  • No overdue payments to Mediacom
  • No unreturned Mediacom equipment
  • Additional Restrictions May Apply
  • 150GB Data: $9.95/month
  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Equipment Fee
  • Live in Suddenlink coverage area
  • Child eligible to receive free school lunch and is attending a Connect2Compete Partner School
  • No Suddenlink subscription in past 90 days
  • No overdue payments to Suddenlink
  • No unreturned Suddenlink equipment
  • Additional Restrictions May Apply

If you are interested in Comcast’s Internet Essentials plan offered through Connect2Compete, you can also go directly to their offer page. There is no difference in price by doing so.

The other programs listed above require you to begin at the C2C site. While you can go directly to FreedomPop, you won’t find the same deal and you’ll pay considerably more.

If Connect2Compete doesn’t work for you, the good news is that if you are in an area that offers CenturyLink DSL service, you can participate in their similar plan called Internet Basics. In fact, this plans offer internet service to a broader spectrum of low income Americans: not just those with a child on the National Free School Lunch Program or one in a certain zip code, but to those on any one of a number of government assistance programs such as Meidcaid, Food Stamps, SSI and others.

How to Apply to Connect2Compete

Contact Information

Website: Connect2Compete
Phone: none

Schools with participating C2C internet providers in their area should be handing out flyers to the kids. The flyer will have a “Connect2Compete Offer Code” on it (or perhaps the school gave out the code in another way), which you will use when applying for the program at the program’s site, On that site, you can both apply and go back to check your application status.

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    • Bev Croyle says

      Sounds like the “lobbists” got their hands on this …big time. As always, the governments attempt to help is made next to impossible for the people it intended for. Only lobbists would insist that to qualify you can’t already have the internet – HOW WOULD YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS PROGRAM IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE THE INTERNET?

      • M. Shaw says

        There are these buildings we have called libraries. They hold books people can rent and 99% of them seem to have free internet access if you sign up for a free library card.

        • christina says

          Most libraries have time restrictions on the limited number of computers, usually half-hour time slots once a day per card, not enough time for a middle to high school student to do a school project.

        • K says

          You have to have transportation to go. Dumb or dumber or dumbest comment? Free is not without cost or even possible for some!

          • Jeff says

            And what if you don’t have a child in school but are elderly and low income? Where is our help? This program is BIAS.

          • Heidi says

            They offer it but free its not. I checked and u have to buy a hotspot, then they give u the option to pick 300mb or pay for 3gb. And if u choose 3gb u pay 28.99 a month, plus the hot spot. That isnt helping low income.

      • Doris Kimball says

        I agree with bev,, the schools require internet access but as a financially struggling parent I still HAVE to pay for internet,, i have cut back as much as possible,,I have magic jack, the lowest tv channels but I stil have to pay over 50 for the internet,, and even though another person talked about going to the library, that is not doable,, not only are the libraries open during specific hours but having several children and EACH is required to have internet each night for homework,,, This program like many others is just pie in the sky for those who really need it.. I put this in the same catagory as the making homes affordable program and the HARP program,, sounds good but who gets it. these just get hopes up and then dash them to the ground,, might I say after much wasted time and energy,,

        • Heather says

          I agree. I was really excited that I might be able to get internet at my house and maybe a computer so my daughter can do some of the online activities that her teacher promotes. After spending the entire afternoon and half of the evening trying to navigate the site and/or call the companies, I haven’t found any programs that can service us for a reasonable price (under $20 without $50 worth of start-up fees.) What a wild goose chase!!

  1. Depressed American says

    First of all most americans had signed up for internet before but due to hard times, we had to stop paying the bill causing a big overdue bill so basically those people get a big NO NO for this program, this requirement of having no overdue bill with the provider ruins this good act of the goverment :(

    • Severly depressed in hard times says

      I totally agree with Depressed I am home disabled trying to work from home child that needs internet for school and I to am behind in my bill. So this stinking glitch that I can’t get discount is wrong, just because I could pay before I got sick I had internet. Now things changed and I can’t get it???? Some one help those of us who need the help badly!!! Wonder if anyone will reply to us.

      • Is it time for internet suicide? says

        I am a paralized from my chest down and home bound. My world consist of this bedroom with a small window. My only means of seeing anything that i had in the past or dreams and hopes of the future is through this gateway ” The Internet”. I am not complaining about my physical being but what about my mental relief. I need it like everyone else. Fixed income 1/3 goes to medical cost gets better another third for someone part time to help me live. That leaves me 1/3. No! lets get real util,rent, food, insurance, etc.. I am like you all thanks Uncle Sam for dangling the carrot over my head. How or did you ever expect me to reach that carrot.

  2. nowonderanymore says

    hmm is this thing working? testing 1-2-3, gees i am always a day late and a dollar short! Anyways yeah about the whole disqualification due to having had owed a bill to participating companies. Well that just sucks. So illegals whom use dead peoples names can get this program by now LEGALLY using their name. Oh gah ya gotta be kidding me???Maybe HS should check out the illegals using this federally designed tool. Yah anyways the one’s who lost their jobs and battling this recession has more salt to the wound. Gees thanks Uncle Sam for teasing us!

  3. nancy says

    99.9% of people who own computers are already signed-up an internet provider, (the one in their area). One of the restrictions are: not be a current
    subscriber to broadband (or have subscribed in the last 90 days);
    Tell me, how does this new discount program really help those of us who cannot afford the service they are already receiving.
    This restriction is very unfair, especially since current subscribers will be able to utilize this program. .

    • Anonymous says

      If you have more than one adult in the family, use the other adults name. That might help you get service.
      If you owe the provider $, then call and get on a payment plan… and get it taken care of.

      Do you guys REALLY expect the company to give you FREE service (or cheap) when you owe them a huge bill? These companies VOLUNTEER to take on this program. It’s not required…
      It’s very easy to sign up for… and they were very respectful to me.

      Just because you don’t qualify doesn’t mean that the program sucks and shouldn’t be offered for the rest of us who don’t owe companies money.

      And if you are going to blame every issue you have on “Illegals” getting service and you can’t, then you have a way bigger problem than an inability to qualify for a very, very generous program.

      You are AMERICAN. Stop whining.

        • Jeff says

          They are not doing it out of the goodness of their heart! They wanted something from the Gov’t and this is what the Gov’t said they had to do for it. And just because you got it does not give you the right to bad mouth others!

  4. Carolyn says

    This Is The Prime Example Of How Far Down The Wrong Road This So Called Rotten Fake Government That We Have In This Country. What Has Happened To Having Compassion For The men and women Who Have Went To Another Country And Have Fought To Keep This Country Free. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.

  5. i. siddiqi says

    where is the contact information? got all the information but no phone numbers to call for information or how can i get cheap internet. thank you for someone to provide contact information for this company.

    • Cheap Internet Administrator says

      Just follow the links through to the particular program and then at the bottom of the page will be a link to the program’s vendor. At the bottom of that page will be the contact info. Unless it’s a program still in the planning stages.

  6. connie Hammonds says

    Please send me immediate enrollment e mail once Connect to Compete services are ready for enrollment. I am highly impressed by this offer. God Bless These Companies Putting Forth Toward Helping Me As A Single Mother Receive These Sorts of help at such a needing time for job placement!! Also. I live in Louisiana. And heck. Free computer skills can land me a paying great job to get on my feet financially and my kids great firsthand skills as well!! God Bless You!! What Saints You Truly Are!! Connie H.

    • HMR says

      If you need internet right now just jolt down to the Nearest Employment Office. The service is free and if you don’t drive there just let them know. It might benefit you if you don’t have the service now but as others point out this is just a government scam. Just like the free cell phone services. If your only under unemployment and don’t take food stamps or other government help you wont be eligible to get a free cellphone. So what gives I say? Do I have to lie tell them I have 5 kids to get in food stamps in order to get a free cellphone as well?

  7. Erlinda Laurente says

    I am a single mother of 3, and unfortunately just lost my job by re
    cieving this services will give me hopTe in finding a job anytime
    and for my children by doing their school homeworks updated
    For all low-income family like us this is a “BLESSING FROM GOD”

  8. Erlinda Laurente says

    I am a single mother of 3, and unfortunately just lost my job by re
    cieving this services will give me hope in finding a job anytime
    and for my children by doing their school homeworks updated
    For all low-income family like us this is a “BLESSING FROM GOD”

  9. HMR says

    I only get what my unemployment gives me and it will run out in less than 2 months. Will I be eligible for the service? Probably not just like I’m not eligible for the free cellphone services. Most likely they are here to keep the people who is in low income to take their last $9.95 plus tax and instead of spending it on their kids needs to spend it in internet which you can get for free in your employment office or library. I’m not knocking down what the government tries to do but if your doing something do it the right way. Just like Alaska can give free unlimited cell phone to the needy why can’t the other states do the same or give the people free internet? They say every vote counts in election day lets see if this year it does.

  10. kathy romano says

    i live in a sheltercare everthingoutside our town is long dis, we onlly get so much a month in spending belive me it dosen;t go far but we need cheap internet just to connect with the world but i can tlell you we do not quailfly for the free phones so we are always left out like when the t, v went digtial and they were handing out those free voucher for so much off a box pretty laughable they say that the owners can pay for it but they might be just as broke as we are to thankyou

  11. Richard Neal says

    I am on social security disability and can not afford a computer.
    I also receive food stamps.
    How can I get a computer for $150?

  12. A.Pena says

    I only qualify for a gov.assisted cell phone. I have no income/going thru alot of health issues that prevent me from working…even as a dishwasher to network carriers tech’s or even a manager of a small call center. No car either. Have sponsor ships for rental (only for a room). An old hand me down laptop (need a newer one..needs an overhaul.). Can only get an errand cash paying…not much a few bucks. Can I qualify? Atl.Ga.(ps: I am blessed with ebt. I do eat and stretch my allocated amount for the entire month)

  13. Charlie B says

    I called Charter Communications and they didn’t know anything about the program. What’s going on?

  14. ahmed aldaoudy says

    dear sir madam

    please advice me if i can get when i am her in idaho/boise like A (new american) since 7/2/2012

  15. kathleen says

    Do you have to pay for cable to have access to this? I’m looking for a friend that is so broke, she can’t waste money on cable…and it makes sense that if you can spend $$ on cable, you probably could afford your own Internet service…so what about those who are really poor. Did I miss something?

  16. Vickie says

    Why would people that are out of work have cable? This is not a necessity! Cell phones are not a necessity but it seems that even the lowes of low income families manage to pay these bills. I know that pwoplw need an outlet and yes, children do, at times, need internet service for school (I have a neice and nephew that use our internet for these purposes and for a little gaming) but why not spend your money on the things that are more important….books, paper, pencil?

    • JanH says

      It’s not that cell phones are a necessity – it’s that being able to reach the outside world, as a senior who lives alone, is a necessity. When there’s an ice storm, you have to call the electric company. If you just want to hear the voice of one of your kids who lives several states away, it’s nice to have that option.

      I don’t have a Lifeline phone – I have a pay as you go cell, but I’ve been in situations where I had absolutely NO communication with the outside world (live out in the country( and there’s no scarier feeling.

      Don’t get on your high horse before you look around you at the REASONS for these things.

  17. mr.G says

    The reason these company’s require no current or past debt is understandable,
    when u think well, this program is through the Government, and shurley, nor Bussinsses, nor government do anything from the bottom of there good spirited hearts without at least some sort of incentive,do the math people, there is no such thing as something for nothing that holds especiallytrue with all of the above

  18. Gary Jones says

    cable broadband to “poor” families for $9.95 per month….hmmm I guess under the qualifiations being “poor” means you have no money and you owe no money. I am guessing that the homeless people will best benefit from this program. Nothing about having a home to qualify…

  19. Jeff says

    The only remarks from an administrator was to those who just immigrated here, Why not help out the Americans who are citizens here?

  20. Erika says

    Does everyone have to have a child in order to get any tax benefits or government special programs? It’s as if birth control were never invented and women never got the choice. Why don’t those who don’t contribute to overpopulation yet pay taxes for schools get a break?

    • JanH says

      You can get food stamps without having a child. I know how frustrating it can be. I spent 15 years, before I turned 65 and got Medicare, not being able to qualify for anything. No Medicaid, no doctor would take me without insurance. It’s hard. And bad if you get sick!

      but if you’re on food stamps or in subsidized housing, (many places will accept you at 55 in senior housing) Possibly being a student would qualify you.

      If the program ever gets going :)

  21. Akira says

    Here what we did with my neighbors in the trailer park and one of us have high-speed internet, we shared the cost of $40/mo

  22. T. Marotta says

    I am a low income, disabled senior, 63, in section 8 and need low cost high speed internet. Cablevision is in my area. I don’t think we have broadband around here.

    Please help ASAP.

  23. Tammy says

    Wow, im on SSI and looking for low cost internet but I see so many ppl bitching and complaining. How are you on here now? If its ok for you to go on the internet to put a complaint in then look for what ever else you want internet for and stop whinning. We are American do make us look like trash with yr POOR ME POOR ME attitudes. Work it out.

  24. Sharon Wilson says

    Many high school students have after school jobs. Their time is limited. The library is out because it has to be planned for by the student. If they had a laptop the student could do reports on the fly. The younger student has sports or other activities after school so ditto for them and the laptop.The families may have defaulted on prior internet contracts due to loss of job during the recession so this internet access is denied them and their children. Foolish. What about the elderly. To go to the library, first and most important, the elderly needs to be able to ambulate independently. They must be cognitively sound. There are seniors who have difficultly ambulating but have perfectly sound minds. But to ride the Transit Bus one must make an appointment and many seniors can’t do that because they don’t know if their arthritis will flare up, or the hypertention will decide to cause them to have to cancel their transportation with the Transit Bus, or they may be having an episode with their glaucoma that causes them to have to cancel their Transit Bus, etc. Home internet is the only solution for them. But home internet will increase their independence by allowing them to shop online, take care of their business online, find and read a book online (like Gutenburg website), etc.

  25. Christina says

    Does anybody know of any resources for those who would otherwise qualify for this service, but have had broadband in the past 90 days? As much as I can’t afford the expense, I also can’t afford to shut it off because I’m a single, full-time online student. I’m almost finished with my business degree, but I’m going under with the high cost of keeping the internet on.

    Are there cheaper ISPs that are reliable, with a high enough speed for online classes? There are only two major ones in my area that I know of, and when I search for less expensive options, I get a list of providers that are unfamiliar to me or anybody I know. I’m afraid I’ll make a switch and find myself without the needed connection to meet my deadlines.

  26. Irene says

    I tried linking onto any one of these so called low income, low priced Internet sites and wrong. Once you get onto the site there’s no 9.99 anything. Everything is way up. There’s too many areas in which to click here which makes this all very confusing. Is this thing for real? I have a headache just going through this entire page and clicking onto other sites trying to get info. I don’t know something is not right here. Does it really have to be this complicated/confusing to get to where you need to go?

    Disappointed :(

  27. Chris Gill says

    I qualify, if I would disconnect my existing internet for 90 days first. I’m not going to do that, so I will pay the piper so-to-speak $24.95 per month instead of $9.95 per month. But I qualify? Big business comes first. Their needs are more important.., and carry a larger weight of importance and say-so to this government, than the individual.

  28. Chris says

    I qualify, but I would first have to disconnect my cuurrent internet service for 90 days that I pay $24.95/mo. But I qualify. I’m not going to disconnect my current service. The profit of large corporations and the bankers, who own this government and it’s elected officials are more important than me. But I qualify.

  29. Mel says

    The government has the right idea and it should be applied to people getting money for food. They can’t apply until they stop eating for 90 days.

  30. American Girl says

    I’m sorry People. Free cell phones and internet are not necessities! They are fringe benefits for people who work and earn them.

    Thirty years ago we didn’t have computers and cell phones and the world didn’t come to an end. Believe it or not, you won’t die if you can’t get on Facebook for a few days!

    I am so tired of picking up the slack for a bunch of deadbeats that have their hands out for everything the government is stupid enough to think they can afford to give away.

    There ARE free computers at the library and if you can’t make it there because you have soccer practice after school…quit soccer! EVERYONE has to make sacrifices.

    If Grandma or Grandpa is so bad off that they can’t dial a ride or use the public transportation then they probably shouldn’t be living alone. The elderly managed to pay their bills before the internet was around. I’m not trying to be mean. My grandma is 96 and she lives alone. She has a car and if she doesn’t feel like driving she calls a relative or dial a ride. She doesn’t have internet or a cell phone because she can’t afford them and doesn’t think they are necessary.

    Nobody really NEEDS free internet or free cell phones…it’s not like dialysis or something.

    The government needs to be keeping a better eye on who is getting what.

    Look at the EBT card. I am sick of watching people buy their beer and cigarettes with my money. I think these people getting handouts should be cleaning the trash up at our parks or cleaning up on our highways or some other community service. Instead of laying on their couch smoking their cigarettes and complaining about not being able to get free internet service and cell phones.

    Life is what you MAKE it! Get out there and make something with your life instead of waiting for someone else to come along and help you out.

    • anonymous says

      This is stupid. A lot of places you can’t even apply for the job on person. Classes are online. You have to print reports for school. All which require an internet connection and a computer. The reason people survived without them before was because it wasnt standard practice to use them. It is now. And some people aren’t born into well off parents and start life with a crappy advantage. Not trying to be rude but u sound like one of those republicans that are against abortion but then want to refuse those same people any help with kids that they have. You sound completely uneducated and arrogant.

  31. joey54 says

    I just love the promotions that prohibit a person from participating IF they already have the service … it is a thoughtless bureaucracy that cannot understand that “Yes I have been paying for it but with a little help with this bill I can replace the tire that is ready to blow.”

    Every dime a person can use well makes room for something else that many take for granted (I did before I became disabled).

    So people want to tell you that if you have cable TV you are splurging but these people may not understand that over the air TV does not exist in many areas and cable TV is not a waste if you have little or no other human interaction or access to the outside world.

    Ugly statements hurt people deep inside and can rob another human of the feeling of being human; perhaps I choose cable TV over a new pair of shoes.

    Have a nice day Imelda Marcos!

  32. Cd84 says

    I thought this was a site to get information for help and if you are getting the assistance I don’t think complaining is where you should be spending your time online if you have nothing better to do than u probably don’t need the discount Internet give it to one if the others complaining about not getting it. If you’re complaining about not getting it than u can probably afford it, or use your time better and do something useful to become useful rather sitting here complaining like a kid that didn’t get the piece of candy they wanted. Internet is not something you have to have to live, the tire is more important than surfing the net, food, diapers, gas, clothing possibly all more important oh ya and toilet paper, kids in school always bring home papers about sites to go to for educational purposes I can see how it can be useful to students whom are learning and growing to become something, and having kids does make it harder to afford the extras in life like Internet and cable because they require so much and I can see it useful for job hunting maybe they should give free Internet to everyone and just restrict the options of doing whatever you want, to only being allowed to do what will better your future and help get u off free Internet so unemployed can only search jobs, and resources to get by, and homeless can only look for housing, some people should be happy for what they do have and accept what they can’t have.

  33. static says

    I’m disabled, receive SSDI. I spend ~ $33 per month for 1.5M down 512K up on a wireless ISP I don’t have CATV & can’t OTA TV since the switch to digital. When I can afford to put up an antenna mast I should get CBS PBS perhaps FOX & ABC. All in All Broadband can make financial sense if you have room in your budget Weather, news on demand Plenty of entertainment YouTube has older full length movies. I received a Rocu unit for Christmas, but I find it a mixed bag for the value. Personally I’d put that money towards build a dedicated media computer for the TV Broadband is like that home Encyclopedia sets only well to families could afford back in the day. Of course data bit can’t fill our stomach ot keep us warm. Each family has to make there own decision & everyone else should try to refrain from judgement.

  34. esther says

    i am trying to sign up for free internet for low income familys where and how do i do it? HELP PLEASE

  35. linda lamberson says

    I can no longer afford internet service. and my pc is old and its broken . I became disabled many year ago but am no longer married. I have a limited income and need to find a job thru the internet. I now am with att but they arpe very expensive and keep going up even thou ive been with them 20 years.can you help

  36. Deborah Padgett says

    I am a single, disabled woman with no transportation. I do everything online and currently use Cricket prepaid internet. It is outrageous what they charge. I pay anywhere from $65.00-$125.00 a month for internet alone. I am a member of AARP and at the very least, THEY should provide low-income internet to their members, as much as they make off of us. It is also BS that ALL of these low-income internet programs are available only to those who have children. Is it our fault that we are elderly, disabled or low-income? Why don’t we have a program just for adults like us?

  37. Sam Roberts says

    Please send me info on how to get cheap internet and a cheap computer. O draw social security and can’t afford high prices.

    • Janet says

      Careful, read the fine print.. these are contracts for 2 years and hundreds of dollars in cancellation fees and start up fees..

  38. Wowpittypartyers says

    All you guys want a pitty party gift?? Stop your whining and get a hobby u don’t NEED Internet if u don’t got kids in school cell phones got it go on moderately don’t live on the dam thing!! Too bad your kids are grown and you don’t qualify evidently you make enough money to not qualify or were irresponsible with your bills in the past if u would have paid 1$ dollar a week you woulda still been in good standing but chose to do otherwise. Stop blaming Illegals for being able to qualify evidently its cuz their kids are born Americans or they are poor enough to get accepted!! Stop smoking and drinkin your wine there’s ways to cut corners saving money getting cheaper services or products get off YOUR HIGH HORSE & go back to work or go to the library or cofee shop, McDonald’s etc. just please stop the crying boohoo!!!who cares??nobody !!! Shoulda payed your bills eh!


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